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Founded in 1993 under the name of Kiai Yamabushi Ryu, membership, gradings and all insurances were under the control of Scarrott Soke, as were all courses in the UK and abroad. Having demonstrated proof of his qualifications, experience and knowledge of the martial arts Scarrott Soke was elected as a Fellow of The Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences on the 10th March 1998. As of early 2008 Scarrott Soke was classified as a Founder Member of The Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences and his name, titles, grades and good standing within the martial arts were used to highlight his position in the organisation over many years. 

In January 2012 Scarrott Soke resigned from the Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences to concentrate on the formation of an Aiki Bu Jitsu association. Scarrott Soke continues to wish IMAS well in all that they are trying to do.

Kiai Yamabushi Ryu, Aiki Bu Jitsu and Bugei Renmei Union of Japanese Styles combines schools of Aiki Bu Jitsu and Remni into one supporting body with a common philosophy of techniques. Bugei Renmei, loosely translated, means "martial arts association." We have formed the Bugei Renmei to cater for those who want to be a part of the Aiki Bu Jitsu association but who do not want to practice and teach Jiu Jitsu, or indeed our particular style of Jiu Jitsu.  It is our aim to include, not exclude, and as a result we provide services, support and opportunities for instructors, clubs and students. 

New instructors are coming forward from within our organisation as well as from other clubs. If you wish to be part of our organisation or if you are blue belt and above, we can help you to progress further within the arts. 

We can offer you courses, gradings and Insurance. 

Membership Includes:


  • Independence and support

  • National and International Courses

  • Grading's, Advancement within the art

  • Instructor Training

  • Insurance/DBS

  • Membership (individual)

  • Access to experienced high-grade teachers from various arts

  • Newsletter

  • All Clubs and Instructors have full Insurance cover.

  • Insurance is by Wako GB (please note that sharp or "live" blades are not covered by Club insurance. 

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